What We Do


Faith to Faithless was set up to raise awareness of apostasy and support apostates. We do this in the following ways: 

  1. Events. University panel discussions, lectures and public events are held across the UK to discuss apostasy related issues. Our events host speakers who have left all of the major religions, academics, and professionals with expertise in related areas.

  2. Apostate support. We host regular meet-ups for apostates to meet and talk to like-minded people. These informal events are usually hosted in museum cafeterias and led by our committee members.

  3. Social media. Our platforms enable followers to learn about apostasy in real time. We share regular content from across the world to demonstrate to apostates that they are not alone. Many of our university and public events are filmed and shared on YouTube.
  4. Safeguarding training. This has been designed for frontline services to support them with best practice to recognise and safeguard vulnerable apostates. The Police, social services, NHS workers, teachers, and charities are encouraged to take this training.
  5. Peer support groups. A closed group therapy program is currently being developed that will provide support to the most vulnerable apostates in the UK.