Deciding to leave a religion can often mean rejection from your family and community, with little understanding of where to turn next. ‘Apostates’, as these people are sometimes called, may end up homeless, isolated, and at risk of profound mental health issues.

For many years, apostates have been a hidden minority, and public service providers have had little understanding of the issues they face. Many organisations feel they lack the expertise to support ex-religious people who use their services, and want to develop their knowledge of the issues these people face.

 We know those leaving a religious group often rely on public and social services. We also know, from speaking to public sector organisations, that many service providers feel they need training to understand the needs of the ex-religious.   

Working with apostates, Faith to Faithless has developed an in-depth training programme for organisations who may come into contact with apostates, including police forces, schools, universities, homeless shelters, social services, and local authorities.

Delivered in-house at your workplace, our training course typically lasts between half a day and a full day, depending on your needs.

The training will be delivered by two experts in supporting apostates. We can also work with you to develop a tailor-made course for your organisation.

Following the course, you’ll have access to our resources on apostasy, and we also offer bespoke advice on a consultancy basis if you feel you need extra support.

For further information about our training course, and to enquire about a booking for your organisation, contact or call us on 020 7324 3060.

We’re also available to discuss bespoke training, as well as consultancy support if there’s a particular area where you’d like more information.