Apostasy Awareness Training

Leaving religion can be a complicated process, often resulting in emotional abuse from family and community. Shunning and complete disownment is not uncommon, and this isolation can lead to depression. Physical abuse, often referred to as honour violence can follow. In Britain, it is often particularly hard for ex-Evangelical Christians, ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, ex-Muslims and ex-Ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Our safeguarding training has been developed to inform frontline services on apostasy and to support them with best practice. We have trained many organisations, including the Metropolitan Police. Local authorities, Police, social services, NHS workers, homeless shelters, teachers, university staff and charities are all encouraged to take our training.

For many years, apostates have been a hidden minority, and public service providers have had little understanding of the issues they face. Many organisations feel they lack the expertise to support ex-religious people who use their services, and want to develop their knowledge of the issues these people face.

Our training covers:
• Awareness of the most common issues faced by apostates.
• Referrals to relevant organisations that can help apostates.
• Language and helpful / unhelpful ways to talk about leaving religion.
• Ways in which apostasy differs from some other forms of religious discrimination.
• Safeguarding implications specific to your practice.

Our training course typically lasts 2.5 hours and can be delivered anywhere in the UK.  To request further information please email: info@faithtofaithless.com or call us on 020 7324 3060.

Several times a year we host an evening Apostasy Awareness Training course in central London which is free of charge to attend. Places are offered on a first to register basis. To find out when the next session is and for the the ticket registration link please visit either: Facebook.com/faithtofaithless/events or Humanism.org.uk/events

‘When I was the President of Humanists UK, I ensured that equality was championed and discrimination was challenged wherever it was found. This is why I am so pleased to be supporting the work of our programme, Faith to Faithless, and this training course, which provides the skills to frontline staff to support those who choose to leave their religion in a democratic and free country.’ Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE

“The Faith to Faithless training was some of the best training I have ever received in 29 years of service.” Detective Constable, London Metropolitan Police